You've always wanted to visit the Grand Canyon, but the Grand Canyon is over 277 miles long. It is much larger than you might have originally imagined it to be. With the limited time and resources you have available for your Grand Canyon vacation, make sure you take the time to determine which Destination at the Canyon is most important to you.

Secrets of the Grand Canyon


The Grand Canyon is a sprawling wonder, so filled with secrets that the average person could never explore all it has to offer in one lifetime. However, much of the Canyon’s most exciting aspects remain neglected in favor of more mainstream touristy fare like the popular South Rim vista. While the famous view is certainly gorgeous, visitors might also consider taking time out to check out the historic cemetery where pioneers are buried; the breathtaking waterfall hidden within the park; or the Phantom Ranch lodge, among others.

Key Takeaways:

  • At the southern rim of the Grand Canyon is a burial ground, known as Pioneer Cemetary, which holds the remains of about 400 early settlers.
  • Havasupai Falls has a small Native American community and a beautiful water fall, but is not a tourist trap, because it’s hidden and hard to get to.
  • For those less athletically able, or inclined, it’s possible to take in much of the park’s breath-taking vistas via a six-story IMAX theater.

“Words can’t do the Grand Canyon justice, and even the most seasoned of Grand Canyon visitors haven’t taken in all this amazing national park has to offer.”

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