New hit song by Tha Sire "The Lights" has been flowing through social media and gaining more and more fans by the hour. Take a listen for you will understand why Tha Sire is getting so popular. This is what L had to say." With eyes on the prize, Tha SIRE has proudly watched Tha E souljahs rise. The ground floor group and label has come up and now proudly lifts the veil to his upcoming new projects. This will be his first since his debut album, Tha ARRIVAL Built from the bottom up, the record label established by Ernie Jimenez is a fitting example of what hard work and an a visionary dream can create. A bootstrap operation built by the son of Mexican immigrants, Tha E is too independent, positive, hard-core so-it-yourself hip-hop and rap what Jimenez AKA Tha SIRE is to a new movement that seeks to bridge communities while providing alternative role models for young people caught up in the endless cycle of gang violence and racial animosity." "I grew up in East LA and the Inland Empire," says Jimenez, songwriter, producer and emerging record label mogul. "In the end, my parents moved me to Arizona because they wanted more for me and my siblings, something better for me." Jimenez, who performs as Tha SIRE as a way to express only the most dignified and truly noble aspects of fatherhood, is convinced that our young people need role models who are honorable and just and believe in the sanctity of life. Coming of age on the streets of East LA and the back alleys of San Bernardino, Jimenez was no stranger to gang life and admits that the lure of the streets was strong. As a rebellious adolescent, he knew jail from the inside as a result of his affiliations. He was, however, savvy enough to take heed when concerned educators found their way into the halls to offer knowledge and advice. "Even if I was acting like I was hard and didn't care, I listened," says Jimenez. Meanwhile on the home front, his parents were busy trying to cope with a son who appeared to be on the wrong track and head straight for the end of a dead end street. With a fresh start in the desert, Jimenez managed to beat the odds, finish high and earn a degree. And most importantly, after getting his paper straight and his life on track, he launched himself as an artist with a clear conscience and a vision and a mission to build an empire. Influenced by the oldies as wells as the early hip-hop styles of Easy E, N.W.A., LL Cool J, and Run DMC, Jimenez often found himself among, break dance crews while watching members of his family practice beat boxing. "I always loved music. My dad always loved music, nothing professional, but he would pull out the guitar, and play while me and my brother watched" Jimenez says, explaining where it all began and riffing on his need to create a legacy of hip-hop based on truth instead of the usual bling-bling bluster. "I don't say I have a Cadillac Escalade just to rhyme. I tell the truth about what I know and at the same time, I want it relate to everybody, no matter what city they live in, whether it's a love song or a song about the streets," he adds, defining himself as a realist, a characteristic uncommon in the industry. "Every city has the same concrete, the same asphalt." With 18 songs collected on his first major release, Tha Arrival, Tha SIRE solidifies his emergence as a father of a new dynasty. Among the stand-out tracks are the true life tales embodied in: "ThugRollin," "Gave My Life Away," "Where we're From," "Soldier oftha Street," "Life and Death," "Why Every time,""Street lessons and "It just goes on." Executive produced by ThaSIRE, Tha ARRIVAL features vocal stylings by Kokane, Kurupt, KMG (Above the Law) and Goldie Loc and is available in stores now. The debut will now be followed this fall by new releases from the growing roster of artists signed to Tha E. First to come out will be the ENOUGH SAID mixtape by Tha SIRE followed by his second album Tha OCCUPATION. Dates are not yet set but Tha SIRE is currently in the studio working hard on his new projects. "No cuss words" says Jimenez as he describes and sums up his new music. "I'm excited" is also what he replies when speaking of the song he will be releasing as his return "THEY SAY I SAY" . "The song and video will speak for itself". For more information, visit or call L at (623)-419-2289

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